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      If you're thinking of building an addition or having renovations done, the first step in the process is to develop building plans/construction drawings. If you do not already have building plans we will be happy to recommend a designer or architect who can help you design your project and who can produce plans from which to build.

      If your project is smaller in scope we may be able to help you without first having building plans drawn up. We will be glad to consult with you and make a recommendation based on the type and size of project you are considering.


      Our philosophy is that every addition and remodeling project is unique and requires individual attention from start to finish. We see it as our professional obligation to thoroughly investigate and prepare for your job in order to eliminate avoidable "surprises" and to do the best possible job.

      Once you have determined the budget for your job we begin the process of determining the cost of your project.

      We contract with you to produce a cost plus contract for your job. To arrive at the cost plus we generate a "takeoff" which is a line-item budget for your job. The takeoff lists the cost of permits, materials, labor, subcontractors' fees and management fees to build your project. If required, we obtain engineering specifications and detailed product specifications. Once you and Space Builders agree on a price for your project we prepare a written proposal that outlines the scope of the job anddescribes the items that are not specified on the plans.


      We assign a Project Manager to be the person who oversees your project from start to finish. After you sign the construction contract we obtain all the necessary permits and then perform the work outlined in the contract. We provide you with a job schedule that shows our anticipated weekly workflow, and we schedule a regular weekly on-site meeting to discuss the progress ofthe job with you.

      The actual construction is done by Space Builders' crews and by our subcontractors. Most of our subcontractors have worked with us for many years. Our subs are licensed as required by the state and, in addition, we require them to carry workers' compensation and general liability insurance.

      Along with quality workmanship we stress safety, cleanliness, and looking out for the needs of our clients as the work is progressing. Our crews make every effort to keep the job site safe and well organized and to keep the work moving on schedule. We do things "by the book" and use the International Building Code as adopted by the State of North Carolina as our minimum standard.

      Once the last nail is driven, the paint is dry, the punchlist is completed and the final building inspection has been conducted, we turn the finished job over to you for the final stage -- your experiencing the pleasure and enjoyment of your renovated space.

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